In our three part series focusing on the three core charities of the PW7 Foundation, we first take a look at the Cardiff City FC Foundation and its great work supporting children, young people and families from across South Wales.

The Cardiff City FC Foundation is the official charity of Cardiff City Football Club, the club where Peter made over 450 appearances across more than a decade. Established in 2009, the foundation's mission has been to use the unique appeal of Cardiff City Football Club to support those in the local community.

We all know how football and sports can be a unifying force for many and the foundation is dedicated to using that positive feeling to help people to lead healthier, more active lives, improve education and employment opportunities, and reduce offending and reoffending. They are also driven to tackle inequality and overcome barriers for those in helping them to achieve their true potential.

Through their five key values of; Passion, Inclusion, Innovation, Professionalism & Quality, the Cardiff City FC Foundation has a hugely profound impact on those it touches and we at the PW7 Foundation are delighted to help support them in their work. Part of this includes the funding of a new football coach to work with local schools and the broader community.

As they say, ‘our club changes lives’ and we're proud to lend our help in changing more.

For more information on the Cardiff City FC Foundation, visit their website: